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July 31, 2010

Breaking News: Bassetts Ice Cream Serves Up New PBJ Flavor! Here’s the Scoop…For a limited time only, Bassetts Ice Cream has created a signature “PBJ” flavor (vanilla ice cream swirled with peanut butter and strawberry jelly) to commemorate the Philadelphia Business Journal’s 30th year!

Save the Date: Celebrity Scooping Day…Thursday, May 17th, 11:30am to 2:00pm at Bassetts Ice Cream in the Reading Terminal Market. A portion of all ice cream sales during the event will be donated to Habitat for Humanity.

The following are confirmed scoopers:

    Craig L. Adams, President & CEO, PECO
    Adam Aron, President & CEO, Philadelphia 76ers
    Ann Bassett, CEO (retired), Bassetts Ice Cream Company
    Marc Brownstein, President & CEO, Brownstein Group
    Pat Coulter, President & CEO, Urban League of Philadelphia
    E. Steven Collins, Director, Urban Marketing & External Relations, Radio One Inc.
    Lynn Doyle, Host, It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle, Comcast
    Harold Epps, President & CEO, PRWT Services
    Craig Ey, Editor, Philadelphia Business Journal
    Jack Ferguson, President & CEO, Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau
    Jennaphr Frederick, Reporter, Good Day Philadelphia, FOX 29
    Karen Hepp, Anchor/Reporter, Good Day Philadelphia, FOX 29
    Adam Joseph, Meteorologist, WPVI-TV 6ABC
    Lyn Kremer, Publisher, Philadelphia Business Journal
    Meryl Levitz, President & CEO, Greater Phila Tourism Marketing Corp.
    Honorable Michael Nutter, Mayor, City of Philadelphia
    Sue Schick, President & CEO, UnitedHealthcare
    Sue Serio, Weather Anchor, Good Day Philadelphia, FOX 29
    Michael Strange, President, Bassetts Ice Cream Company
    Peter Van Allen, Reporter, BizBites, Philadelphia Business Journal
    Alicia Vitarelli, Anchor, WPVI-TV 6ABC
    Erica von Tiehl, Anchor, CBS 3/The CW Philly

Bassetts In the News…USAToday The Pop Traveler: 10 Reasons to Visit Philadelphia! By John Corrigan
”7. Reading Terminal …and finally finish your meal off with some legendary Bassett’s (sic) Ice Cream.”

Preston and Steve Dip for Charity
Radio celebrities Preston and Steven from WMMR dipped ice cream to benefit the Philadelphia Police Foundation Fund on November 4th.

Does Chef Eric Ripert Love Bassetts?
Celebrity Chef and Top Chef judge Eric Ripert revealed his favorite Philadelphia food picks on The 10! Show that aired on November 2nd on NBC10. Bassetts Ice Cream was mentioned among his favorite foods in Philly!

Crave - The Food Network
Ice Cream: Socially Acceptable Lick Food Host Troy Johnson travels across the US (from Philadelphia--the show starts with a segment about Bassetts Ice Cream--to San Francisco and points in between) in search of the ultimate ice cream scoop.

Click here to see when the episode will air again:
Crave, hosted by Troy Johnson (original airdate September 12)

2011 Food Export Marketing ForumTM Keynote Speaker
Bassetts Ice Cream Account Executive Brian Bebee delivered the keynote address at the Food Export USA conference in Boston, MA on September 27th.

Bassetts Ice Cream is available in Anguilla BWI and the Bahamas!
Ashley & Sons Mini Grocery in Anguilla began scooping Bassetts Ice Cream in August! And Bassetts will soon be available in the Bahamas too.

Recent Media Exposure


Publication Date Title
Cooking Channel 7/28/10
Cooking Channel Ice Cream Truck To celebrate its launch, Cooking Channel traveled across the country in their customized Ice Cream Truck and partnered up with Bassetts Ice Cream! On Wednesday, July 28, Cooking Channel parked an ice cream truck on 12th Street outside of the Bassetts Ice Cream store at the Reading Terminal Market to give out free samples of Bassetts newest flavor-Guatemalan Ripple. Cooking Channel's own Ching-He Huang of Chinese Food Made Easy was also there to personally welcome fans to the Cooking Channel. For more information about the Cooking Channel's Ice Cream Truck, check out
The Orange County Register 4/23/10
Some of the best ice cream in the U.S. by Kate Lucas "More than 40 flavors are available daily--including Chocolate Marshmallow, Irish Coffee, Gadzooks! and Champagne Sorbet." Read Article
The Temple News 2/2/10
Stories of the Reading Terminal Market by Summer Beckley "Every day, thousands of people enjoy such vendors as Bassetts Ice Cream..." Read Article 1/10/10 Reviews of Bassetts Ice Cream
Where the Locals Eat Nov-09
Voted Best Ice Cream / Confections
Bassetts Ice Cream was selected by the editors of Where The Locals Eat as the Best Ice Cream/Confections winner.


Bassetts Ice Cream Awards

Publication Date Title
Where the Locals Eat Jan-10
Best Ice Cream/Confections
Bassetts Ice Cream was selected by the editors of Where the Locals East at the Best ice Cream/Confections winner.
More Information
U.S. Small Business Administration May-09
Bassetts Ice Cream received SBA Award!
Bassetts Ice Cream received the 2009 Jeffrey Butland Family Owned Business of the Year Award from the U.S. Small Business Administration. The award was presented in a ceremony at Citizens Bank Park on May 14th.


Bassetts Ice Cream on Television

Publication Date Title
Travel Channel's 101 Tastiest Places to Chowdown! 1/3/10
Bassetts Ice Cream was named one of the 101 Tastiest Places to Chowdown in the United States. (original airdate January 3)
Philadelphia Inquirer 11/12/09
Forgotten and unforgettable flavors by Rick Nichols "Teaberry ice cream...will make a cameo appearance Saturday at Bassetts, the ice cream counter that dates back a century at the Reading market."
Radio Ink 11/09/09
A Sweet Deal for Radio
A profile of Bassetts Ice Cream a client of Greater Media/Philadelphia's WMMR since 2005. Read Article
Travel Channel’s Man v. Food show 9/23/09
Bassetts Ice Cream was recently seen on the Travel Channel’s Man v. Food show (original airdate September 23), featuring host Adam Richman as he traveled to Philadelphia and the Reading Terminal Market to try an Italian roast pork sandwich from Dinic’s and a hand-rolled soft pretzel from Miller’s Twist.
The Philly Food Show 2008 The Philly Food Show - WHYY TV-12 A tasteful TV culinary journey across the Greater Delaware Valley, hosted by Ed Cunningham.
Ice Cream Paradise 2008 Ice Cream Paradise - The Travel Channel This feature "explores some of America's most famous ice cream paradises."
America's Sweet Tooth 2003 America's Sweet Tooth - The Travel Channel --First Aired in 2003 on the Travel Channel. This feature explores America's love affair with sweets. Traveling across America, this show visits some of the country's favorite sweet makers. Stopping in Philadelphia, the opening segment features an affectionate look at Bassetts Ice Cream.
Food Finds 2002 Food Finds - The Food Network -First aired in 2000 on the Food Network. This series profiles favorite foods from different parts of the country. The episode on Philadelphia features Bassetts Ice Cream, along with Tastykake and Federal Pretzel (soft pretzels). The episode continues to air several times a year.
An Ice Cream Show 1996 An Ice Cream Show - PBS Television - First aired in 1996 on PBS. This PBS documentary is a warm and funny look at the sweet, frozen treat. An Ice Cream Show spotlights " ice cream shops where they take great care with their product." The opening segment features Bassetts Ice Cream. The show still airs periodically.


Bassetts Ice Cream in Print

Publication Date Title
The Mom & Pop Store Sep-09 How the Unsung Heroes of the American Economy Are Surviving and Thriving Author Robert Spector was in the Reading Terminal Market on September 17th signing copies of his new book—The Mom & Pop Store: How the Unsung Heroes of the American Economy Are Surviving and Thriving. A tribute to American small-business people, including Bassetts Ice Cream Company, this is a heartfelt look at life on “the other side of the counter.”
Dessert Professional Apr-09 The 10 Best of Everything Families--ten best ice cream spots by Susan H. Magsamen "The market is ... located right in the heart of Philadelphia. It's home to the oldest ice cream shop in the United States. Bassetts has been in continuous operation since 1861."
National Geographic An Ultimate Guide for Travelers Apr-09 The 10 Best of Everything Families--ten best ice cream spots by Susan H. Magsamen "The market is ... located right in the heart of Philadelphia. It's home to the oldest ice cream shop in the United States. Bassetts has been in continuous operation since 1861."
Philadelphia Inquirer 4/4/09 Food aid will rise in Pa. by Gail Shister U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack visited the Reading Terminal Market to announce an increase in benefits for low-income families in PA. While in the RTM, the secretary enjoyed lunch with Bassetts vanilla and Gadzooks! ice creams for dessert. Feb-09 Feature article by Janice Gregg, Philadelphia Food Examiner
Philadelphia Food Examiner: Frozen in time: Bassetts ice cream
Los Angeles Times 10/9/08 Dodgers can stay frosty in Philly with choice ice cream by Catharine Hamm "I first tried Bassetts Ice Cream at Reading Terminal Market; it was love at first bite. I know vanilla is boring, but it's the No. 1 flavor. It was rich and creamy, and I was in heaven."
TravelHost Jul/Aug-08 Cuisine Focus: The Best of Philly Sweets "For five generations and over 140 years, Bassetts Ice Cream has served its delicious blend, and it has stood inside the (Reading Terminal) Market since 1893...the counter has woven its way into the fabric of Philly life."
Pennsylvania Pursuits Summer
The Scoop on Pennsylvania Ice Cream by Cathleen McCarthy "Even the President of Bassetts Ice Cream occasionally spends his time scooping out perfect, thirst-quenching spheres of refreshing Champagne sorbet and gooey chocolate orbs of Gadzooks! at Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market."
Lifestyle Apr-08 Destination Good Humor: WMMR's Preston & Steve Show... by Susan Haine "It takes more than just the run-of -the-mill for Bassetts Ice Cream to develop a flavor specifically for you (Gadzooks!)."
People Magazine 7/9/07 Summer Fun Facts: Surprising stats about everyone's favorite season
"The Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors You've Never Heard Of...Gadzooks! Chocolate ice cream, caramel swirls and chunks of chocolate and peanut butter brownie pieces make up this Philly hit."
Philadelphia Daily News 7/6/07 Stan's World--Face it:
Some things are so overrated (and so underrated) by Stan Hochman "Ice cream: Overrated: Ben & Jerry's. Underrated: Bassetts."
Philadelphia Daily News 7/3/07 Dan About Town by Dan Gross
"I scream, you scream...Gadzooks!, the Bassetts Ice Cream flavor invented by 93.3 WMMR's "Preston and Steve," got a shout-out in People magazine this week. The ice cream, launched in April 2006, is now one of the top-selling flavors at Wawa."
craving the inside scoop by Claire Bushey
"It's an institution that has the unique flavors that you can't get anywhere else. It's just a delicious, rich treat."
Ed Hitzel's Restaurant Magazine Spring
talking industry by Janice Gallagher
Bassetts: Some things have changed for this famous ice cream maker. Not quality.
"It's true that much has changed but, fortunately not everything has been sacrificed in the name of progress. The one thing that has not been changed and is in fact the reason for Bassetts great success and longevity is simple: rich cream, sweet milk, pure cane sugar, and flavorings such as real vanilla bean, and fresh strawberries and peaches."
(the Amtrak/ acela magazine)
May/Jun-06 Meet Me at the Market by John Mariani
"Bassetts Ice Cream stand, here since the Market opened, sells some of the finest, richest ice cream on the planet"
Chow Magazine Jul-05 We All Scream
"We dug our spoons into the vanilla ice cream of five old, family-owned ice cream companies...and our favorite, the oldest of them all: Bassetts, from Philadelphia (since 1861). Why did we like it? Our tasting notes: dense, smooth, deep but not overpowering, with a fresh vanilla taste."
Pennsylvania Pursuits Summer
We All Scream For Ice Cream
"Bassetts Ice Cream is...the creamiest and most flavorful ice cream anywhere."
Las Vegas SUN 5/27/05 FAO Schweetz gets scooped at Forum Shops By Muriel Stevens "FAO Schweetz reached for the stars with Bassetts ice cream. ...It is still...the ice cream of my dreams."
Philadelphia Magazine Dec-04 Dining Out by Maria Gallagher
"The personable Cherry Bean Cafe deserves a special mention for making the black-and-white milkshake of my dreams, using Bassetts ice cream."
Philadelphia Inquirer 7/25/04 The Manchurian counterfeit By Karen Heller
"Very little in life is perfect. The 1972 Miami Dolphins. Cary Grant. The '75 World Series sixth game. The Band's brown album. Bassetts ice cream."
Cuizine Jul-04 News!  Chill Out
"Bassetts ice cream has always been a treat at Philadelphia's Reading Terminal market, but if you need a quick fix, America's oldest brand of ice cream is now available around the corner…at Wawa stores."
Town & Country Jul-04 On The Town  Worth a Lick  By Francine Maroukian
"You can even sit at the original marble counter and order the city's famous French vanilla ice cream (distinguished by dark flecks of ground vanilla beans, instead of vanilla extract) or forty other flavors."
Dairyfield May-04 New Products  Bassetts Ice Cream
"In a bid to expand its market, Bassetts Ice Cream Co. has rolled out eight of its most popular superpremium flavors in pints."
Southwest Airlines Spirit May-04 A Foodie's Guide to Philly  By John Mariani
"In the RTM you'll find the original Bassetts Ice Cream Shop, established in 1893 and still serving what I consider to be some of the richest, most delicious ice cream anywhere."
New Haven Journal Register 4/18/04 Weekend Visitors to Philadelphia discover history, great food and diversity  By Kimberly Johnson
"A trip to the terminal wouldn't be complete without a scoop of ice cream from Bassetts Ice Cream, a popular place for ice cream lovers." 3/31/04 Absolutely the best of the esoteric ratings  By Stan Isaacs
"Chocolate Ice Creams:  (1) Berthillon, Paris; (2) Godiva; (3) Haagen-Dazs; (4) Olympic Mountain, WA; (5) Bassetts, Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia"
TravelAmerica Feb-04 Phenomenal Philadelphia  By Randy Mink
"And try Bassetts ice cream, the city's best."
Baltimore Sun 11/22/03 Discovering autumn's tastes and traditions at the market  By Jacques Kelly
"My downfall here is not the cheesesteak guy, but the Bassetts ice cream counter."
People 9/8/03 Here's the Scoop!
  A People panel gives America's hometown ice creams the sweet test and names the very best "'I'm a real sucker for the flecks of vanilla.  You can taste the nuggets,' says Jane Stern."
Philadelphia Style Jul/Aug-03 The Scoop on Bassetts Ice Cream  By Lenora Dannelke
"More than 40 luscious varieties of Bassetts Ice Cream can be scooped up at the Reading Terminal Market, the company's home since the market opened in 1893."
Los Angeles Times 7/10/03 Taste of Travel
--Hiya, hon.  Whaddaya havin?  Cheap eats in Philly "Ice Cream?  Bassetts, the best."




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