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The WHYY Experience
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Bassetts Ice Cream and WHYY introduced the new flavor with free sample tastes to rave reviews at the Ultimate Philadelphia Ice Cream Festival at the Reading Terminal Market on July 12, 2008. The WHYY Experience—Bassetts vanilla ice cream loaded with chocolate covered pretzels and swirled with butterscotch—reflects the values and quality of WHYY as chosen by WHYY members in an online contest. A portion of the proceeds will benefit WHYY.


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Flavors List (Includes Nutritional Info & Ingredients)

For more than five generations, Bassetts Ice Cream has produced one of the finest super premium ice creams in over one hundred different flavors, including such unusual tastes as yellow tomato and borscht.

Today we offer more than forty flavors of ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt.

Need Gluten-Free? Click here to download our listing of Gluten-Free flavors.

Flavor Descriptions and Nutritional Info

Banana.jpg Banana -  Made with ripe bananas. 

Butter Almond.jpg Butter AlmondRich vanilla ice cream blended with almonds. 

Butter Pecan.jpg Butter PecanRich ice cream blended with pecan halves. 

Butterscotch.jpg Butterscotch Vanilla - Swirls of rich butterscotch laced through creamy Bassetts vanilla ice cream make a taste treat never forgotten.

Cherry Vanilla.jpg Cherry VanillaVanilla ice cream with plump black cherries. 

Chocolate.jpg Chocolate - Made with the finest Dutch cocoa. 

Chocolate Chip.jpg Chocolate Chip - Rich ice cream with semi-sweet chocolate chips. 

Cookie Dough.jpg Choc. Chip Cookie DoughVanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate chips.

Chocolate PB.jpg Chocolate Peanut ButterOur chocolate ice cream with hard swirls of peanut butter.  

Cinnamon.jpg Cinnamon - This unique but delicious ice cream has an intense cinnamon flavor. It is a delectable accompaniment to any pie, cake or just savor the unusual taste all by itself.

Coffee.jpg CoffeeMade with pure Brazillian coffee beans. 

Cookies and Cream.jpg Cookies & CreamRich ice cream with crumbled chocolate sandwich cookies. 

Dark Chocolate Chip.jpg Dark Chocolate Chip - Super rich chocolate blended with semi-sweet chocolate chips. 

Dark Chocolate.jpg Dark Chocolate - Created by L.L., Jr., this luscious ice cream is made with 50% more Rona cocoa as our regular chocolate ice cream, for an extra rich chocolate flavor.

French Vanilla.jpg French Vanilla - Some vanilla ice creams are made with vanilla bean specks. Some vanilla ice creams are made with egg yolks. Our rich French Vanilla ice cream is made with both.

Green Tea Matcha.jpg Green Tea (Matcha) - Made with real matcha. 

Guatemalan Rip.jpg Guatemalan Ripple - Developed by Preston and Steve, this one-of-a-kind flavor is a Guatemalan- sourced coffee ice cream with a mocha fudge ripple, blended with mini coffee-filled chocolates.

English Toffee.jpg English Toffee CrunchRich ice cream with chunks of Heath Bar® Candy pieces. 

Irish Coffee.jpg Irish Coffee - The flavor of our rich coffee ice cream is enhanced with the addition of imported Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Macadamia Nut.jpg Macadamia Nut - A sweet cream based ice cream with whole macadamia nuts. 

Mango.jpg MangoMade with real mangos. 

Mint Chocolate Chip.jpg Mint Chocolate ChipMint ice cream with chunks of semi-sweet chocolate. 

Mocha Chip.jpg Mocha ChipCoffee ice cream with semi sweet chocolate chunks. 

Moose Trax.jpg Moose Tracks® — Bassetts creamy vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups and famous Moose Tracks® fudge.

Peach.jpg PeachBlended with real peaches. 

Peanutbutter.jpg Peanut Butter SwirlOur classic vanilla ice cream, swirled with creamy peanut butter. 

Pistachio.jpg PistachioMade with whole pistachio nuts. 

Pralines & Cream.jpg Pralines & Cream - Vanilla ice cream with caramel and candied pecans. 

Pom Blue Chunk.jpg Pomegranate Blueberry Chunk - Pomegranate ice cream with blueberry swirls and chocolate chunks. 

Raspberry Truffle.jpg Raspberry TruffleVanilla ice cream with a raspberry swirl and chocolate truffles filled with raspberry sauce. 

Rum Raisin.jpg Rum Raisin - Our most adult flavor. Plump juicy raisins are soaked in rum and then added to our world famous vanilla ice cream for a seductive taste.

Strawberry.jpg StrawberryMade with red, ripe strawberries. 

Vanilla.jpg Vanilla - Classic vanilla bean ice cream made with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans. 

Vanilla Fudge.jpg Vanilla FudgeOur classic vanilla ice cream with a fudge swirl. 

WHYY.jpg WHYY ExperienceVanilla ice cream with chocolate covered pretzels and a butterscotch swirl made with the finest Dutch cocoa.

Lemon Sorbet.jpg Lemon SorbetMade with a lemon puree. 

Mango Apricot.jpg Mango Apricot SorbetOur most popular sorbet. Made with a mango apricot puree. 

Orange Sorbet (2).jpg Orange SorbetMade with an orange puree.

Raspberry.jpg Raspberry SorbetMade with a raspberry puree.


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